RUSH: Obama Might Be Bombing Iraq To Distract Us From His Numerous Problems

RUSH:  October 2002, Barack Obama, B. Hussein O., makes a speech, accuses George W. Bush of wanting to invade Iraq to distract us from a bad economy.  We had not gone into Iraq yet.  That happened in 2003. Bush was out trying to marshal all kinds of support for it.  I mean, he spent a year and a half making speeches, sending Colin Powell to the UN.  He spent a lot of time putting together a massive coalition for this and dredging up public opinion support for it.  He just didn’t do this, Bush didn’t, willy-nilly overnight. 

But Obama was out there in 2002, and this is how he came to be known.  This is how he first achieved national attention.  He never voted for the Iraqi war, so he had some credibility with the rest of the Democrats ’cause all the rest of them did.  I don’t want to review this whole thing ’cause I’ve done it so many times, but there were two votes on the use-of-force authorization that Bush asked for, and the first one, none of the Democrats voted for it.  Then they saw a public opinion poll on it, and they demanded a revote.

Bush did not have to have the Republicans resubmit it, but he did, because he wanted the Democrats on record supporting it so that a unified country would appear to be the case.  It made sense in that way.  Why go to war with all the Democrats opposing it?  They asked for a second vote after they saw public opinion, and Bush granted the second vote so we could create, it turns out, the illusion of national unity on the use of force in Iraq.  So, Obama was one of the holdouts. He didn’t vote for it. He made a speech before it even happened condemning it, that Bush was just dredging it up as a distraction. He makes a speech at the Democrat convention in 2004, called it a dumb war, continued with that theme, and now look where we are.  Would it be too cynical to suggest that Obama might be bombing Iraq to distract us from his numerous problems?  I mean, we’ve got an immigration disaster taking place.  Our economy is a disaster.  Obamacare is a disaster.

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