RUSH: Obama Makes ‘Biggest Selfie Boo-Boo Since Weiner’s’

RUSH:  Do you think Michelle Obama cares what’s in the media?  I ask that because, do you think so? Even though he’s president, do they have your average, ordinary, everyday relationship?  Because what happened here, now, everybody in the media’s talking about how he was flirting with another woman, and she wasn’t involved. Do you think in private she gives him a little, “What were you thinking?  Look what you’ve done to me!  Look how you’ve embarrassed me.  Look what the media is saying about me.” 

Do you think that’s going on? (interruption) Snerdley thinks it’s worse than that behind closed doors. You think even though he’s president, she would dare to go there?  Or does it not matter. At that point he’s not president, he’s her husband, and that’s that. Well, I’m just asking out there, because whatever the truth is, the fact is it’s all over the media.  Low-information voters are even looking at this and thinking there’s something going on here, and she knows that.  She knows how people are seeing this, and she knows it wasn’t necessary. 

I mean, this is the biggest selfie boo-boo since Weiner’s.

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