Rush: Obama Lied About His Mother’s Death At DNC

RUSH: Obama, in his speech last night, said two things which are not true.  Well, one thing was said about him which isn’t true, and he said something himself that isn’t true.  His wife, Michelle (My Belle) Obama, during her speech, I think even Clinton during his speech, I think Biden during his speech, said that Obama was constantly by his mother’s bedside when she was ill, passing away.  But he wasn’t.  He was on his book tour.  I have here nothing less than the Washington Post, August, 2008.  It’s an actual random act of journalism.  The Washington Post went out, did a more recent fact-check debunking some of Obama’s claims about his mother’s death.  This is an article they posted back in 2008.  This is when they were fawning over him, don’t forget, and they let some facts slip out in this piece.  It turns out here that the facts in this piece are even more damning than the later fact-check on this.

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