RUSH: Obama Just A ‘Government Hack.’ He’s An ‘Agitator’

RUSH: So a bunch of central planners made up of people who have never worked a day in the private sector, who have never hired or fired, have never met a payroll, have never started a business, there isn’t anybody at the czar level, at the cabinet level, this regime doesn’t have anybody.  They got a bunch of advisers, but they don’t have anybody actually in the regime that has any experience, a bunch of theoreticians who’ve sat around the faculty lounge at Harvard and MIT, Yale, you name it, theorizing as the smartest people in the world what really ought to happen and what would happen if they ever got control, if they were ever in power, and now we’re seeing it, a bunch of theoreticians think they’re smarter than everybody.  I mean, really who is Barack Obama?  What is it about Obama that makes him more qualified than people in the health care business to run it, to shape it, direct it? 

The same thing with anything to do with energy.  Obama doesn’t know beans about it.  Obama’s just a government hack.  He’s an agitator.  I never understood why people automatically, blindly accept that some liberal do-gooder politician knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don’t.  You know, it’s even worse than that.  It’s not just that Obama knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don’t.  The people in it, the people in the oil business are just a bunch of pirates, they’re thieves, they’re cheaters, they’re criminals, and the same thing in the health care business, and the same thing in the coal business, and the same thing in retail business.

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