RUSH: “Obama Is No Different Than Jesse Jackson Or Al Sharpton”

RUSH: I want to take you back to me on this program, March 24th, 2008. This was during the presidential campaign year. Obama had not yet won the Democratic presidential nomination. This was during Operation Chaos, where this program was doing everything it could to keep Hillary Clinton’s hopes alive and to keep the Democrat primary race interesting to the audience of this program. Obama was then a senator, a United States senator from Illinois. I proffered an opinion for you, the audience of this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: He represents the same damn stuff as Jesse Jackson. There’s no difference. I’m convinced of it now: There’s no difference in Obama and Al Sharpton; there’s no difference in Obama and Jesse Jackson. It’s just Obama had a much better mask than those guys. Those guys were argumentative and challenging, and Obama was pleasing and contrite and so forth.


RUSH: That’s why I played the clip for you of me from 2008 saying that Obama is no different than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, and with this comment… Making a point to go to the White House pressroom, pointing out it could have been him 35 years ago?

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