RUSH: Obama Is Gonna Set This Country ABLAZE

RUSH: Look, I mentioned earlier in the program Luis Gutierrez, the Democrat from Illinois just can barely contain himself.  He’s running around all over telling everybody to get ready ’cause Obama, by Labor Day — folks, that’s just a week.  Labor Day is Monday.  Is that right?  Is that right?  By Monday, by this weekend or Monday, he’s going to grant amnesty to at least five million illegals, executive order. Luis Gutierrez is running around happily telling anybody who will listen, telling everybody to get ready.  What’s that gonna do for the job market?  That’s the end of any deportations, if that happens.  I mean, it’s gonna set this country ablaze in a whole host of ways.  He doesn’t care.  This is where, when people say the job’s beneath him and he’s so far above us, and he’s so far down the road we cannot even hope to keep up, I mean, this kind of thing is where that’s true.  He doesn’t care about any of the things that aren’t working.  They’re just all part of the process to get where he wants this country to end up being.  In fact, some people are gonna have to experience a little pain, damn it.  They deserve to.  This country’s had it too easy for way too long.  This country, compared to the rest of the world, life has been a piece of cake.  It’s about time we found out what real suffering is.  It’s about time some people in this country found out what hard life is really all about.  I think some of this is programmed into this transformation.

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