RUSH: Obama Is Calling For Regime Change In Iraq

RUSH: So just to review.  We’re gonna send in — oh, sorry.  First thing, there is no military solution inside Iraq.  So Obama’s gonna send in 300 military advisors to set up data centers or advisor centers or whatever.  But he’s not gonna support one Muslim sect over another. He’s not gonna choose sides between the Sunnis, which is ISIS, the bad guys, and the Shi’ites, which is Maliki, which is ostensibly our ally, he’s not gonna choose sides.  “It’s a beautiful thing, Mr. Limbaugh. You don’t understand. It’s so fair. It’s so equal. We’re not choosing sides. There are no bad guys and good guys.” 

Okay.  Three hundred military advisors, but no military solution.  We’re not gonna choose sides, but we’re sending 300 advisors. So it mean 150 of them obviously are gonna help ISIS and 150 of them are gonna help Maliki.  Now, I happen to know Obama wants to get rid of Maliki.  That was in the news earlier today.  It’s been floated, and that’s what it means.  Maliki must go, like the Shah had to go.  Obama is calling for Regime change, pure and simple.  Yeah, like he did with Mubarak, Muslim Brotherhood.  But you see the way his audience is hearing this and the media and the low-information crowd, “It’s so good and fair and just, and it’s rooted in equality, and nobody’s better than anybody else, and nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong.  It’s utopia.”  Right. 

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