RUSH: Obama Is An Intellectually Active ‘Cold War Mentality’ Kind Of Guy

RUSH: But I want to take a little bit of issue with you on this intellectual laziness.  I know what you mean by it, and I’m not predisposed to disagree. 

I think what we might call intellectual laziness is actually arrogance.  Now, you’re right, he looks at a whole lot of things as irritating interruptions and distractions for what he really is interested in and cares about, which is the domestic transformation of the United States away from a free market, capitalist-based society to a command-and-control government making decisions for everybody in society, socialism, whatever you want to call it, command-and-control centralized economy. 

However, don’t discount the way I opened the program today.  He is an active, intellectually active Cold War mentality kind of guy.  He hasn’t let it go.  It is a very active intellectual engagement that he believes the US is the problem in the world.  And he’s not alone.  John Kerry is this way.  Hillary Clinton is this way.  Many of the Democrats that were in school in the eighties, Madeleine Albright, they carry around this same belief system that the Cold War existed because of the United States, refusing to let people run their own lives and run their own governments and run their own affairs.  We had no business.

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