RUSH: Obama Is A Really Cold And Calculating Guy

RUSH: I want to play a sound bite from Obama from the nerd prom, the White House Correspondents Dinner.  You know, most presidents, when they show up at this thing, it’s been a tradition for as long as this dinner has been held that presidents get up, tell self-deprecating jokes, make fun of themselves, and every president up to Obama has done that.  Obama doesn’t do that.  Obama does not laugh with.  Obama’s mean.  From the get-go, everybody talked about how cool, calm and collected. I don’t think the guy’s cool.  I think he’s cold.  I think this is a really, really cold and calculating guy.  We have a 44-second montage of some of his so-called jokes, and when you hear these jokes, you’ll understand who it is that’s keeping certain issues alive, like the birther issue.  He’s the only guy talking about it anymore.  Here, listen.

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