RUSH: Obama ‘HALF BAKED’ On America Being In The ‘TEST PHASE’

RUSH: The argument raging is what to do with these refugees.  And the left just seems as eager as they can be, in utter defiance of common sense.  They say it is the maximum expression of the American experiment.  And what do they say the American experiment is?  “The American experiment is the only experiment…” This is the way they describe the founding of the country, by the way.  As it suits their purposes. “Here we have this lone experiment in the world of human freedom — and, as such, we he must be open to one and all, we must be tolerant of everything.  Otherwise we are not being true to who we are.

“We are not being true to our values.” This is what Obama means, by the way.  This is my opinion.  I’m not quoting leftists here.  When you hear Obama… Obama constantly refers to, “This is not who we are.  This is not what America is.” He is using the same definitions that these leftist intellectuals are hyping, that this an experiment. It’s an ongoing experiment.  America’s an ongoing experiment.  And the results are not in yet!  We are still in the test phase, and we are being really tested now.

And we’re not America if we don’t let anybody in who wants to come in, whether they’re coming from the southern border, whether they are terrorists or whether they are just poor, whether they’re uneducated. It doesn’t matter.  America means, “If you’re oppressed — if you’re starving, if you’re thirsty anywhere in the world — you can come here. That’s what America is.  And any limits on that are not who we are.  Any limits on that violate this great American experiment of freedom.”

Now, that is one of the most half-baked explanations and definitions of America I’ve ever heard.  It is totally absent any concern for American sovereignty.  It is totally absent any concern of American national security.  And the reason it is, is because, remember, undergirding this whole experiment thinking of theirs is that we are owed a lot of payback, folks.  I’ve played the sound bites for you today.  I played those sound bites to prove to you who these people are. I’m being truthful.  This is who they are.  This is what they think.

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