RUSH: Obama Going To Try To Get The Most COMMITTED LEFTIST On The Supreme Court

RUSH: …which takes me to this whole subject of Scalia’s replacement.  I think this is being way, way, way overanalyzed.  I think it’s way, way, way over commentated about.  Let me just tell you what’s gonna be happening here, what the left is going to try to do.  And it’s not… This is not even arguable.  This is not up for debate.  Barack Obama is going to try by whatever means necessary to get the most committed leftist on this court as soon as he can, and all of this talk about the ways of maybe coming up with a compromise candidate; that Obama doesn’t want to go the whole year without a justice on the court…

You know, if you go by case by case there are many instances where it’s actually okay and helpful in certain cases for the conservatives, for there to be only eight justices. Because when there’s no court decision on a case before them, the lower court’s latest ruling holds, which could be very helpful to us.  For example, a couple cases in Texas.  And it could be beneficial to the left as well for lower court rulings to survive, which would be the case if there isn’t a ninth justice and the vote remains deadlocked at 4-4 on any particular case.

The real test here, the real test is going to be a test that we have witnessed for six years, and that test is going to be: Will the Republicans say “no” to Obama?  This is all it’s gonna come down to:  Will the Republicans stop Obama?  Will they try to stop Obama?  All this talk about Obama trying to find somebody who may be a little bit more moderate, may be acceptable to the Republicans? All that means is… That doesn’t mean that Obama’s gonna water down his choice.  This is it, as far as Obama’s concerned. This is ballgame.  This is legacy.

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RUSH: Obama Gonna Go For As Powerful A Leftist Justice As He Can Get


Rush Limbaugh Remembers Justice Antonin Scalia

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