RUSH: Obama Goes To Late Night Comedy Show For First Ever Statements On Terror Threats

RUSH: Last night, to show you how the country is changing in a very serious way, last night was the first time since this massive upgraded terror warning was put into effect on Sunday, this was the first time the president of the United States spoke to the American people about this.  We closed 21 embassies in the Middle East on Sunday for a full week.  The president of the United States of America, the world’s lone superpower, the president, by reputation, by tradition, the leader of the free world — that’s somewhat dubious now, but traditionally that’s how our presidents have been referred to and thought of.  The president of the United States went to a late-night comedy show for his first-ever statement about this increased terror threat.  A late-night comedy show.

Now, nothing against late-night comedy shows, don’t misunderstand.  I mean, I’ve had my own appearances and fun with Jay Leno.  There’s nothing wrong with late-night comedy shows, but this would not have happened with any prior president.  Matters of such consequence, matters of such seriousness would have been dealt with in a far more serious and appropriate way and forum and time of day.  And by virtue of appearing on a late-night comedy show, the president saw to it that these events — and it wasn’t just the ramping up of the terror threat level or any of that.  There were serious items on the agenda in our relationship with Russia, and all of it was treated as a joke.  All of it was treated as unserious, halfhearted, nothing to really be concerned about. 

It’s a diminishing thing that happened last night.  The presidency was diminished last night, the country, talk about being respected or loved by people around the world. This was a very small thing that happened last night.  Made the country look small, made the presidency look small.  No, I don’t think JFK went on Jack Paar to talk about the Cuban missile crisis.  I was just thinking about that, but I don’t think JFK did that.  That might be too old, long ago for some of you youngsters out there.  Jack Paar was the original Johnny Carson.  I don’t think JFK went on the Jack Paar show to talk about the Cuban missile crisis.

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