RUSH: Obama Gave Hillary WORST Advice Anybody Could Give Her

RUSH: You hear what Obama’s advice to her is?  He gave her the worst advice anybody could give her.  He told her to be herself.  President Obama told Hillary, “Just be yourself and explain what motivates you when you hit the stage on Monday night.”

Well, if she is herself and explains what motivates here, she has to say, “I will do anything for money.  I will do anything to get rich.  I will make a series of 20-minute speeches at $250,000 a pop for two years straight in order to earn $22 million.  I will sell influence as secretary of state and as a potential president.  I will take contributions to a charity run by my husband and me, which donates practically nothing to charity.  I will do whatever it takes to get filthy rich like the people we hang around are.  I will do whatever it takes.”  That’s being herself and that’s being honest.  Is that gonna happen?  No way.  Still, not the best advice I would think from Obama, just be yourself.


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