RUSH: Obama Entirely Totally Completely Delusional… Worthy Of Men In White Coats.

RUSH: Here’s that sound bite of Obama. This is what I saw during the commercial break. I was reading the closed-captioning. He didn’t say, as I thought, that they created fewer jobs than us. He said the deficit went up. See, the captioning had it wrong, and that’s all I had to go on. Here’s what he said. This is just delusional. This is our president, folks, entirely totally completely delusional. He’s not there. The elevator is not going to the top floor today.


RUSH: Obama is just small and just snarky and tiny, even.  But, folks, this is literally delusional.  This is worthy of men in the white coats.  “We tried our ideas.  They worked.  The economy grew.  We created jobs.  Deficits went down.”  That’s delusional.  The economy has not grown.  We are losing jobs left and right.  The labor force participation — you know all of this.

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