RUSH: Obama Doesn’t Condemn ‘Female Genital Mutilation’

RUSH: What Obama told these young African leaders was — and I’m gonna quote this — he said, “Female genital mutilation isn’t a tradition worth hanging onto.”  Female genital mutilation is not a tradition worth hanging onto.  Note that he didn’t condemn female genital mutilation.  That would have been telling Africans what to do.  And he would never impose his views on ’em ’cause we’re from the US and who are we.  He just said, you know, this female genital mutilation, it’s not worth hanging onto.  But he doesn’t condemn it.  He just tells ’em I wouldn’t hang onto that if I were you. 

“What do you mean, Mr. Limbaugh, he didn’t?”  He didn’t condemn it.  He just told them, hey, you know what, you’re not gonna get away with that.  If you’re gonna do that, turn it over to Boko Haram.  Don’t do it yourselves.

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