RUSH: Obama Apology For America Imposing Its Sovereignty On Mexico Is A HUGE ‘Dog Whistle’

RUSH: Let me tell you something. Obama apologizing to these students for America imposing its sovereignty on Mexico, that, folks, is a huge dog whistle to radicalized young Hispanic voters. What Obama has just done is send signals to that voting bloc beneath the radar, ’cause most people are not even gonna pay any attention to it. They’re just going to say, “Oh, wow, it’s really great our president was talking to some Mexican students, Ethel. It was really cool, and the Mexican students loved our president. It was really neat out there. Did Jay-Z go with him, I wonder? Was Beyonce there?” That’s gonna be the extent of it. To people like La Raza, radicalized young Hispanic voters — Obama’s always done this. If anybody engages in dog whistles, it is President Obama.

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