RUSH: NYT Got Rid Of Jill Abramson Because She Wasn’t Working

RUSH: I mentioned yesterday that Jill Abramson was fired because she said she went in and wanted as much money as her predecessor was making, Bill Keller.  She found out that Bill Keller was making a hundred thousand dollars a year, maybe a little bit more than that, more than she was.  So she went in, had a lawyer do it, not herself ’cause she wanted to avoid being pushy, and got fired.  And I had so many people, “No, no, no, Rush, she eventually got paid. That’s not why she got fired.”  I was just turning on Fox and they’re doing a whole segment a minute ago on she got fired because she wasn’t being paid as much as the guy.  So I’m still confused.  (interruption)  I know, I read that, too.  Pinch put out a statement, compensation had nothing to do with why she was fired. 

I’ll tell you why they got rid of her.  They got rid of her because she wasn’t working.  She was out doing all these appearances on panels and discussions.  She liked being the face of the job, but she didn’t really like doing the job.  Pinch himself has alluded to that.  And plus the fact that she probably wasn’t very good.  And then they’re also dumping on her that she was no good with the digital side.  But this equal pay thing, of course it was hypocritical in a way, and ironic because here’s the Regime making this big deal about equal pay and women being sabotaged by evil CEOs, and looky here.  The liberal house organ is discriminating against a woman, and Obama pays his women even less than the New York Times does.

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