RUSH: NYC Catcall Video Shows A ‘Massive Failure Of Modern Day Feminism’

RUSH: This was a huge issue when I was 18, 19, 20 years old.  Miller Lite did beer commercials about this.  I’m pretty sure it was Miller Lite.  If it wasn’t Miller Lite, it was some beer company.  There were commercials about really beautiful women, scantily clad, walking through a construction site being wolf whistled at by men.  This is not new, is the point. 

Now, to certain aged people, it is new, and to certain aged people, it’s brand-new, it’s uncalled for. But we’ve been there, done that.  And we also had something come along to deal with it.  We had something come along to fix it.  This was never, ever supposed to happen again, folks.  This was fixed back in the sixties and seventies.  And what was supposedly going to fix this, we have a name for it.  It’s called feminism.  The early feminists, the feminazis of the modern era, led the charge against this wolf whistle, catcall business. 

This is an exact replay.  Those of you who are 50 and over, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This is not new.  In fact, it was not new in the sixties.  It’s been happening since there were men and women.  There’s nothing new in this.  What is new is that feminism in the sixties and seventies was supposed to wipe this out.  Feminism was going to take care of this.

It was going to stop the objectifying of women. It was going to stop the brutish behavior and the predatory behavior of men.  It was going to promote the quality of women.  It was going to make it so that men were never, ever going to feel comfortable doing this again.  They would be shamed. They would be shunned. Society would want nothing to do with them.  It was never, ever going to happen again. 

So what we are living here in the middle of is the failure, a massive failure of modern day feminism.  Modern day feminism was gonna protect women from this kind of mean-spirited, extremist, boorish, predatory behavior.  And it hasn’t.  Because now a video of a woman walking the streets of New York, getting catcalls and so forth, has gone viral. 

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