RUSH: NSA Data Mining Isn’t Stopping Any Terrorism

RUSH: Here’s the bottom line, folks.  They’ve been collecting this data for who knows how long.  Were they able to identify the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston?  No.  Have they been able to stop, via the collection of this data, any of the terrorist-oriented or criminal-type behavior that they would be looking at?  Apparently not, because they didn’t stop that scenario.  Look at what was known about the Tsarnaevs. 

After the event took place, look at how much we knew about them almost instantaneously.  So somebody had the data.  But they may not have be able to put it together in time to stop it.  But the point is, we’re collecting all this data, we’re mining it, and they don’t know what to do with it all.  It’s gonna be a monumental task even for the most powerful supercomputers.

Because they still have to have algorithms or programs written to tell them how to sift through this stuff, what to search for, what is raising a red flag.  But it doesn’t appear that collecting all this data is stopping any terrorism, does it?  Well, it doesn’t to me, unless there’s something going we don’t know. Now, they probably might not announce the things they’ve succeeded in stopping, but the terrorist activity at the Boston Marathon, that was pretty big, and they weren’t able to stop it.

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