RUSH: NRA Convention Rocked – “NRA Is America”

RUSH:  Do you realize how shaken the left must be in America today?  Do you realize it, folks?  Did you see any of the NRA convention over the week in Houston?  Everybody rocked.  Palin rocked.  She went out there with some chewing tobacco.  But Wayne LaPierre, one of the most brilliant approaches that I’ve ever seen.

He’s got a crowd of 500 people in that convention center and he says, “If you’re a school teacher, stand up.  If you’re a fireman, stand up.  If you’re a cop, stand up.  If you’re a housewife, stand up.”  He went through every normal American behavioral pattern occupation, way of life, and at the end of the it, everybody was standing up, 5,000 people, and on display was the unmistakable conclusion that the NRA is everybody.  The NRA is America, and so are supporters of the NRA, and even people who are not members.

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