RUSH: ‘NOTHING NEW’ At Trump’s Speech To Congress

RUSH: So last night, they see what they think is a brand-new Trump.

But Trump’s voters, Major Garrett’s right, that’s exactly why they elected the guy, but it’s not different from what he was on the campaign trail. You know what Trump voter knows? A Trump voter knows that their man is an intelligent, sensitive, responsible human being and that addressing a joint session of Congress is a different event, different circumstance than a campaign rally in an airplane hangar. And Trump’s an adult enough to know this.

So of course they’re gonna have different tones and they’re gonna have different characteristics. You don’t deliver a State of the Union speech in an airplane hangar at a campaign rally. By the same token, you don’t do a campaign rally to a joint session of Congress in the chamber of the House of Representatives. But these guys in the media and all these witnesses are acting like, “Whoa, we’ve never seen this guy before.” But Major Garrett’s right, as I am. Everybody who voted for Trump, this is exactly who they voted for. There was nothing new last night. There wasn’t any new in content.

I even had some people — get this — I had some pessimists emailing me, “Well, this is nothing more than a campaign speech. My God, Trump can’t even read a teleprompter. Oh, my God, we’re sunk,” and stuff like this. I said, “Are you kidding? This is a grand-slam home run. Look where this speech is happening.” Of course, if you watch every speech Trump makes, this is gonna be old hat. That’s my point. To people that don’t watch Trump, deride Trump, impugn Trump, this was new, they’d never seen this before. Yet everybody that voted for Trump has seen it so many times that they couldn’t wait for him to be elected.

“I’m not hearing anything new. This is a campaign rally.” So there are all kinds of interpretations of this. But the point is that no matter whether the original reaction was upbeat, positive, home run, or a little bit pessimistic, there wasn’t somebody that nobody had ever seen last night except for the Drive-By Media and except for the Democrat Party, and that ought to speak volumes to you. I mean, these are the people whose job it is, according to them, to defend and protect the Constitution. They are there to defend and protect the country. And they don’t even know who Donald Trump is, even now.

They have created a caricature, they have created a narrative about the guy, and that’s who he is. And so when that narrative is not reflected when Trump does something, then, whoa, Trump’s pulled a fast one on ’em. (laughing) No. It’s their own bigotry and prejudice. So Major Garrett gets it right.



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