Rush: Not The Kids Today That Are The Problem, It’s Today’s Adults!

RUSH: As I sit here and think about this, another reality has hit me upside the head. It’s not the kids today that are the problem, because kids are always a problem. It’s today’s adults that are the problem! It’s today’s adults that I don’t have any faith in or that I wonder about. You know, it used to be when I was young that whether you thought adults were screwballs or nerds or kooks or whatever, you still thought they were adults. They were mature. They were smarter. They were reliable.


The Baby Boomers and the youth they had and the adults they became, that’s the problem. Not the younger generation. In fact, I frankly believe, ladies and gentlemen, that the younger generations are gonna ultimately be who save us. ‘Cause I don’t think they’re gonna want to inherit this kind of country, and they’ll do something about it.

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