RUSH: Nobody’s Gonna Be Saving Any Money If Obama’s Involved In Anything

RUSH: So you heard Obama say you’re gonna save $8,000, and you think, “Where is this coming from?”  You’re very wise to be looking at it that way, because how can anybody know what you’re gonna be saving on fuel costs in 11 years, and then to peg a figure to it of $8,000? What’s it based on?  Now, the reason I like… Joe, you actually stopped to think about this, and you’re trying to envision how it’s possible. 

But most people — the low-information crowd, people you identity hang with — are sitting there thinking, “Oh, wow. Wow!  I’m gonna make out. I’m gonna be spending $8,000 less in 11 years on gas than I’m spending now, or Obama’s gonna give me $8,000?” They heard it an entirely different way.  You’re trying to figure out, “Wait a second.  Based on what?  Where’s this number coming from?  He just threw it out there.”

You’re way ahead of the game, Joe, and I gotta applaud you.

CALLER:  Well, I can’t understand.  We took all the steel out on the car pretty much in the last 30 years, so you can’t make it any bigger than a motorcycle, really. For me to go from a 20-mile-a-per-gallon car to a 40-miles-per-gallon motorcycle is about what you gotta do.

RUSH:  Joe, let me tell you something: If people start spending $8,000 less on gasoline, the states are gonna be raising your fuel taxes to make up for it.

CALLER:  That’s right.

RUSH:  Nobody’s gonna be saving any money if Obama’s involved in anything.

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