RUSH: Nobody Thought Trump’s Response To April Ryan Was Racial. They Thought It Was FUNNY!

RUSH: Fox just did a little segment on-the-back-and-forth, Trump and April Ryan yesterday at the press conference, where she asked him if he was gonna have the CBC come to whatever he was gonna do on reviving the inner cities and Trump said (paraphrased), “Well, hey, you know ’em? You can set up the meeting?” Everybody’s saying, “That’s racist! That’s racist! He said that because she’s black and therefore they’re black and he thinks that she knows them, and therefore… and therefore…”

I’m sorry, it isn’t gonna fly, media. You can’t get… That might work on somebody like Ted Cruz, it might work on any other Republican, but not gonna work on Trump. Nobody who saw that thought it was racial. They thought it was funny. There’s a journalist. “You want to set up a meeting? I’d love to meet ’em. You want to do it?” And of course the Congressional Black Caucasians said, “Well, we sent you a letter and you didn’t respond to it.”

And the White House replied, “Well, we remember you boycotted the inauguration!” Let’s not forget that. The Congressional Black Caucasians didn’t go to the inauguration. Anyway, that’s a… (sigh) Nobody saw racism. I’m gonna tell you, I think a lot of people… Snerdley, I think a lot of people who saw that press conference and are not big time Trumpers loved it for a whole host of reasons.


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