RUSH: NO WAY Drive-Bys Are Gonna Touch National Enquirer Story ‘CONFESSIONS OF A CLINTON BAGMAN!’

RUSH: National Enquirer, Drudge, about 24 hours ago, I think, led with this.  Let me see if it’s still up there.  It’s below the fold, but it’s still there:  “Confessions of a Clinton Bagman — in His Own Words.” National Enquirer, it hit yesterday, and it’s on newsstands now.

Yes, it’s the National Enquirer.  But I have to remind you of something.  The National Enquirer got it all right on John Edwards.  The National Enquirer had every detail on John Edwards.  The Drive-By Media sat on it.  The Drive-By Media did not in any way, shape, manner, or form touch it for months because it was a Democrat, John Edwards.  He was at the time I think seeking the Democrat nomination, attorney from North Carolina.

There were a lot of people in the Democrat Party that loved John Edwards ’cause of this two America stuff.  They really thought he was a friend of the poor.  They really thought he was a great guy.  Turned out not to be.  And it was the National Enquirer who had the story.  There are a couple of others that they’ve had, ignored, and turned out to be right.


RUSH: So that’s in the National Enquirer. The allegation that Hillary was having an affair with Vince Foster, that this guy had to go procure women for Hillary, that it’s not just Bill.  So I don’t know.  You know, it’s the Enquirer.  All I know is the Enquirer was right about John Edwards and a couple of other things, but more importantly, who reads the Enquirer and what are they gonna think of it? 

The Drive-Bys are not gonna touch this, they’re not gonna reference it, not gonna say one thing about it.  But people are gonna read it.  Will it have any impact at all?  We have no idea, none whatsoever.  But it’s out there.  No, no, no, no.  There’s no way the Drive-Bys are gonna touch this.  They’re not even gonna touch this to humiliate it.  They’re not even gonna bring this up to ridicule.  And I doubt that it comes up in the debate tonight, either.

Would you think the National Enquirer allegation of a guy saying that he’s procured women for Hillary would ever make its way — (interruption) well, course not, but if story was about Trump, it would.  No way and yes way.  Exactly right way.


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