RUSH: NO WAY Anybody’s Gonna Talk Trump Voters Out Of Voting For Trump

RUSH: Going after Trump… Especially after this today, going after Trump today is gonna be seen with piling on with Romney.  And that’s not gonna do him any good.  Nobody wants Romney to be joined in this.

CALLER:  Okay, let me ask you this one.  Does this tactic…? What you think if this may or may not work?  Could you say that comparing Trump and Romney, other than the vast personality differences, they’re both Northeastern liberals who, for most of their life were pro-choice and pro-gun control, and the —

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  (garbled)

RUSH:  No.  I’m gonna tell you again. I’m gonna tell you: You’re going to lose if Trump is your target.  Leave Trump alone! And not because you don’t want Trump hitting you.  There are many people voting in these primaries that are not voting for Trump, that are not voting for Cruz.  He’s got to go get them.  And I don’t think trying to link Romney and Trump is going to work after Trump gets through dissecting Romney today, number one.  But, number two, you’re not gonna talk Trump voters out of voting for Trump.  It isn’t gonna happen.

Now, it sounds to me like you’re more interested in Trump being discredited than you are in Cruz winning, and (sigh) you might want to join the crowd that’s tried that, but there hasn’t been anybody succeed at it yet.  I just think there are a lot of primary votes yet to be had from people who oppose Trump.  He’s not winning a majority of Republican votes.  He’s getting a majority of the media coverage, he’s getting a majority of the fascination. But when you look at raw vote totals, Cruz is only 79 delegates behind him right now.

So… And I’m not… (interruption) No, I’m not trying to protect Trump!  I’m telling you the truth.  There’s no way that anybody is gonna talk Trump voters out of supporting him, and there’s no… You’re not gonna convince a Trump voter that there’s no difference in Trump and Romney.  You’re not gonna convince a Trump voter that there’s even similarity!  It’s a losing proposition.  Even if it’s true, you’re not gonna succeed.  Trump’s supporters are glued, because it’s about more than Trump.  So the focus has to be elsewhere. That’s as clearly and plainly as I can say it.

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