RUSH: No Question, Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was Backed Up

CALLER:  Thank you.  Hey, I just wanted to reaffirm — and I apologize in advance if the point’s already been made —

RUSH:  No, no.

CALLER:  — that unless your data center is run by Larry, Mo, and Curly, there are so many levels of backups performed that it’s mind-boggling.  Any computer attached to the network is automatically backed up. Those backups are backed up every night.

RUSH:  Would you recycle a corrupt server?

CALLER:  Well, you see, I’m not sure exactly what hard drive it is that’s failed.  They haven’t gone into that much detail.  Was it a hard drive on her personal computer, a notebook, or was it a server hard drive?

RUSH:  It’s now both. It’s the hard drive on her computer, and the server, the backup, everything’s gone. They recycled the server ’cause it was corrupt. Her hard drive crashed. The server was corrupt, which means it had bad sectors, and they just threw it away, recycled it.

CALLER:  You’re talking about an order of probability here that’s astronomical of that actually ever happening. And besides, like I was saying, these things are backed up interactively every day.  They’re backed up nightly. Every week at the minimum the backups are copied to tape, and the tapes are taken off site.

RUSH:  Precisely, and especially at White House type levels, no question.

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