RUSH: No Matter Where You Look There Is Utter Disaster, And CBS Asks Obama What He’s Watching On TV

RUSH: This is CBS this morning and the co-respondent is Bill Plante. We had the fifth anniversary of the stimulus yesterday. We’re in the midst of an absolutely devastated United States economy. There is no end in sight. We are also in the midst of the total wrecking of the American healthcare system. We are in the process of tearing it apart and rebuilding it all under government control eventually. No matter where you look, the jobs market, the economy, any Obama policy, no matter where you look, there is utter disaster.


RUSH: In the midst of that, here we are in the five-year anniversary of an absolutely disastrous worthless stimulus program. Do you realize we’ve spent eight thousand dollars to study duck penises that came out of the stimulus?  Wait a minute, eight thousand might be studying if mice get drunk.  Maybe it’s $125,000 on duck penises.  I’ve got the list.  I’m not kidding, though, some of the things that money was spent on the stimulus.

My point is, in the middle of all of this, when it comes time for CBS News to do a story on Obama the story is what he watches on television.  The fifth anniversary of the stimulus.  Obamacare falling apart.  Unqualified ambassadors.  Obama behaving in a lawless fashion.  And, by the way, more and more people are playing my sound bite and asking guests to react to it.  Fox played it for the second time, maybe third time, and they’re asking Mike Lee to respond to it and others.  Bob Beckel, by the way, on Fox the other day (paraphrasing), “Can we play something besides Limbaugh or Krauthammer? There’s got to be somebody other than Limbaugh or Krauthammer that we can react to.”  That was funny.  So here’s CBS and their focus of interest is what Obama watches on TV.  Here’s Bill Plante.

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