RUSH: No Matter What We Do ‘America Is Still Racist’

RUSH: I mean, we actually had John Lewis call for martial law in Ferguson! He wanted Obama or somebody to declare martial law, and that’s not the solution to this.  The solution to things like this is something that’ll never happen because nobody could get away with saying it.

Nobody could get away with suggesting it. 

The reason they can’t get away with suggesting it is that nobody can correctly identify the root problem.  The blame, the root problem is: America is racist. The root problem is America is bigoted and racist no matter what steps have been taken. No matter the fact that we’ve elected the first African-American president, no matter that we’ve had years of affirmative action.

No matter what we do as a remedy, America is still racist.  We may as well still have Bull Connor and the fire hoses and the dogs and all that — which, again, I remind everybody that was all Democrats doing that.  But the point is progress is not permitted to be recorded.  So you can’t ever identified the root problem, you can’t ever get down and have the actual remedy addressed or even spoken.

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