RUSH: NFL Will Have ‘Don’t Pick Up The Soap’ Seminars

RUSH: I’ll tell you what it boils down to. What it boils down to is the players in that locker room think that Jonathan Martin’s weak and there’s no place for weakness in the NFL, pure and simple, if you want to boil it down to its essence. A sportswriter in Miami, Dan Le Batard, has a column, he’s kind of surprised. He says, you know, you and I look at this one way, but it’s a different world in that locker room, and these guys, they don’t care what we think, and as far as they’re concerned, Incognito and these other guys, nothing wrong with what they did. The problem in our locker room was this Martin guy. He was weak and then he ended up snitching.

There are people wringing their hands, “My God, we can’t believe this,” because the media wants everybody now to be dumping on Incognito and these players. But the players, there hasn’t been one player that’s ripped into Incognito. In fact, Vernon Davis, the tight end for the San Francisco Fort’iners, has come out and defended Incognito. He said this is the kind of guy we want on our team.

So you can make book on the fact that there are going to be, in every NFL locker room, sensitivity training sessions. You name it, they’re gonna have ’em. Sensitivity training. There will be sexual orientation seminars because Michael Sam is coming out. There will be respecting your fellow human beings seminars. There will be “don’t pick up the soap” seminars. There will be don’t make jokes at people’s expense seminars. There will be don’t hurt anybody’s feelings seminars. You know this is gonna happen and the league is gonna make a huge big deal about it.

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