RUSH: NFL Is Trying To Learn From Trump, But Doing It WRONG

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. I didn’t watch the football game last night. I got an email from a buddy who said, “You won’t believe what they’re doing at halftime in the NFL game tonight.” And I said, “What?” “They’re interviewing Biden.” Matt Lauer is interviewing Biden. I said, “What? We only interview political people at the Super Bowl.” And he wrote back, “Yeah, well, Biden’s book is out.” I think it’s a preview of Biden’s interview that’s gonna run I guess today, maybe tomorrow on the Today show conducted by Matt Lauer.

But I thought, “Are you kidding me? They’re gonna put Joe Biden in the halftime of an NFL football game?” I’m asking, “Do these people not know?” I mean, this is NBC deciding to do this. They don’t need to clear it with the NFL. Maybe they did; I don’t know. But of all people, Joe Biden? Look, he’s a loyal Democrat, and Joe Biden’s best speeches have been covering for Obama at the two conventions.

But the guy hasn’t won the Democrat nomination on his own, he’s never going to. The fact that he’s at the top of their heap of the candidates for 2020 and NBC decides to put him at halftime of the Sunday Night Football game, Patriots and you’ve got the Broncos, you can get anybody you want. You could interview Belichick if you could get him. Elway pregame, I’m told. That just blew my mind, especially all he’s got is a book. You’re doing a prepub book interview for Biden on Sunday Night Football? I thought, man, they’re doubling down.

It’s almost like they’re trying to learn from Trump but doing it wrong. Whenever Trump, quote, unquote, steps in it and the media has this, “oh, my God,” kind of reaction, Trump doubles down on it. Well, this is almost like the NFL’s, “Oh, you think we’re politicizing this too much? You think there’s too much anti-America protests? Well, here, take this politics.” And then they ram Joe Biden down everybody’s throat at halftime of what apparently was a dull game anyway. It must have been, if Joe Biden was the highlight of the night, that’s gotta be bad.


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