RUSH: NFL Doesn’t Know Who Their Audience Is

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RUSH: The NFL ticket sales have plummeted 17.9%. TV ratings are down 11%. Some advertisers are beginning to pull out now. We’ve all been there. But this is different. I mean, the league is allowing itself to be used as a tool to advance a political agenda. It just is. I said on the Hannity show today in the interview, which you’ve got to see tonight and tomorrow night, I said that I’m not sure the NFL really knows who its audience is. I think I know who they would like it to be.

They would like it to be fellow brie and white wine people and sophisticates, but the NFL target market audience, I mean, look who their advertisers are: Ford F-150, the leading culprit to climate change! And then pick your beer, they’re advertising. Not exactly a favorite of the white wine and brie crowd. But they’re allowing an in-your-face action. I said to Hannity, “Would you grant, if any of these players upset about police brutality or whatever, instead of wasting time protesting the flag during the pregame, would you allow ’em a half hour on your show to come address it?”

“Just call me!” he said. I said, “Why don’t they do that?” Why, instead, are they disrespecting the flag and taking a knee and all that in the pregame? Why? I don’t know why they think they’re doing it, but the fact that they are doing it is hurting the NFL. It is harming the NFL. And there are people who want that to happen. It’s too masculine. It’s too patriotic. It’s too rugged individualistic, too masculine.


RUSH: What’s happening is the NFL is being hijacked.

If your intention, if you’re a leftist activist — or not even an activist. If you’re a leftist who thinks the NFL poses a problem to your view of what American culture ought to be, what would you do? You would find a way to depopularize it. How’d you do that? You’d find a way to make the fans mad. You’d find a way to keep the fans out of it. And they know who the fans are. They know the fans are patriotic, love the anthem, the ceremonies and tradition. Do things to tick those fans off so they stay away.

It’s working like a charm. The fans staying away, the fans wanting refunds on Sunday Ticket, the fans not going to games, the fans not watching on TV? That’s working exactly as intended. Do the NFL and players know this or not? I think it’s just the latest example of a gigantic corporate entity not understanding who its customers are, not understanding its base, not understanding who its fans are. I think it’s patently obvious. They are fans. The fans of the NFL are not a bunch of social justice warriors.

They’re not a bunch of college snowflakes. The fans of the NFL are the people that make it hum, the people that pay the bills, the people that spend all the money to go to the game, watch the game on TV or do whatever. They are not militant agitators on the left. That’s not who’s there. The league obviously thinks that that’s who their fans are, that those the fans that must be appeased, that we must let the flag be disrespected as a show of … unity? How asinine! That’s what’s happening. It makes no sense.


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