RUSH: New York Is Back! Spider-Man Punches Cop

RUSH:  You know, I love to see this.  New York City, I think, is back.  If we’re looking for signs — and we all are — that we’re returning to normal, they’re there. A lot of us are desperately reaching for normal.  We want normalcy to return.  The news out of New York may give us some hint that things are at least returning to normal there.  For example…

“A street performer dressed as Spider-Man was arrested after punching a policeman who told him he could not demand money from tourists.”  It happened Saturday afternoon.  “Junior Bishop, 25, dressed up at Spider-Man, was overheard by a cop refusing a $1 bill from a woman, a tourist, with whom he’d taken a picture.”  You’ve got tourists in there and they think it’s really Spider-Man.

Junior Bishop was posing, the woman offered him a buck, and instead he demanded more money.  A cop overheard this.  The police officer told Spider-Man, “You can only accept tips out here, but you cannot demand money.”  Well, Spider-Man punched the cop in the face.  So then the cop told Spider-Man he was under arrest, and he punched him again.  New York is back!

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