RUSH: #NeverTrumpers Are ‘MISGUIDED’

RUSH: I don’t want to imply that I think their objections to Trump were not principled like some of them were.  I think they were just misguided.  But take a look many of the things that the conventional wisdom from the smart people, what they told us.  In the first place, they told us Trump’s gonna lose in a landslide, doesn’t have a prayer.

Which means that we’re gonna lose the House and we’re gonna lose the Senate, and it’s just gonna end up being the absolute worst thing that could happen.  We had smug predictions from writers and analysts and strategists on cable TV, bloggers, all of them arrogantly assuming that there was simply no way that Donald Trump could win, because he’s just a very coarse and uncouth individual. Just no way that he could win.  And anybody that was on his side was also excoriated for betrayal, was a sellout not understanding what was at stake.

So Trump was gonna lose big, and take the party down the tubes. He was gonna wipe out Republican majorities. The sky was falling! Massive landslides were coming.  And many of them made these predictions happily.  Many of them were very, very… They seemed enthusiastic or enthused to make these predictions, because I guess they thought that there was great opportunity for them in the aftermath of this being able to say, “See, we told you!  You can continue to donate to us because we are the true keepers of the flame,” or what have you.

Well, not only were Democrat policies, not only was the Obama administration — the Democrat Party — repudiated, but so were a lot of the so-called intelligentsia on the right as well.  This was gonna teach the Republican Party a lesson, and it was gonna learn once and for all, “You can’t listen to talk radio! You can’t do anything other than listen to the genuine intellectuals.  They’re the ones that will guide you.” Now look at what’s happened.  Look at what has happened.


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