RUSH: Never Once Was There FAKE NEWS About Obama During His 8 Years

RUSH: I got a quick question for CNN and all the rest of you Drive-By Media types. You’re telling us these mistakes you’re making are honest. Yeah, you’re just trying so hard to be good journalists. Let me ask you: How many totally lying, erroneous, false, damaging, defamatory stories about Barack Obama ran in eight years? Hmm? How many times in your quest to be over-the-top fair and to get it right did you run defamatory stories that did damage to Barack Obama? Answer: Zero.

How many erroneous, lying-through-your-teeth, defamatory, damaging stories have you run on Trump in under two years? The answer is too many to count on two hands. It simply is untrue. David Frum was on CNN yesterday. Do you know what he said about this? David Frum said that CNN’s errors on the story they reported Friday were due to its CNN trying too hard to be fair to Trump. He said, “The worst mistakes the press organizations have made in the coverage of Trump has precisely occurred in their effort to be fair to the president.”

And then he said that erroneous, lying, BS stories like the one CNN ran Friday are exactly why you should trust the Drive-By Media. What in the world has happened to David Frum? This guy used to be a so-called conservative, used to be a speechwriter for George W. Bush. Now he’s carrying water for outright liars in the Drive-By Media. Trump Derangement Syndrome is what’s going on here. How in the world can you say that CNN getting this wrong — purposefully so with no effort to really confirm it — is a reason to trust them because they’re trying so hard to be fair to Trump.

How does that work?


RUSH: How much fake news appeared about Barack Obama from anybody in the Drive-By Media over eight years? The answer is zero. You can’t think of one. You can’t think of a single episode such as the four I just mentioned. Bloomberg CNN, the ABC Brian Ross, never once was there fake news about Barack Obama.

Let’s do it another way. How much news, how many reports have the Drive-By Media done on Donald Trump where they made a mistake that helps him? Never.
Now, the problem with what CNN did on Friday is that it went around the world and was absorbed by low-information voters all over the world before any kind of an admission or correction was made. As far as CNN’s concerned, mission accomplished.

It really is professional malpractice, what CNN and ABC and all of the rest of them are engaging in.


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