RUSH: Never Has There Been A More Misnamed, Fraudulent, Phony Issue Than ‘NET NEUTRALITY’

RUSH: Never has there been a more misnamed, fraudulent, phony issue than net neutrality. They want you to think that putting the government in charge of it and regulating it is gonna keep everybody on it equal and the same. (chuckling) It’s the exact opposite! They want to turn the internet into a utility, is what they mean. They want it regulated like the power company is and like the phone company is.

They want it regulated by the federal government, because they run the federal government, in their minds, and they want control over the internet. And they want to be able to punish cable providers, and they want to be able to punish the ISPs. They want to punish AT&T. They want to punish Comcast. They want to make ’em pay. They hate ’em! The only thing that young people care about on internet is Netflix. If you could find a way to make Netflix free, they would forget about opposing anything else you wanted to do there. That’s a bit of an exaggeration.


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