RUSH: Netanyahu Is Not A COWARD… Especially Not Afraid Of Obama

RUSH: Washington Post: “Netanyahu is firing back at reports that a senior [Regime] official called him a coward only concerned about his own political survival.  I mean, that is the nature of the comment, that Netanyahu is a coward, only cares about his own political survival. And I’m telling you, that describes Obama to a T, not the chicken business, but this business about political survival and everything being looked at through the prism of politics. 

Yesterday this US magazine, the Atlantic, quoted the anonymous official as saying, “The thing about Bibi is he’s a chicken –” whatever.  “The insult comes after a month of heated exchanges between the Netanyahu government and Washington over settlement building in the Israeli annexed East Jerusalem, according to Reuters.” 

So whoever said this, I don’t know that we’ll ever find out, but whoever said it I guarantee you is not alone in thinking it.  I think this Regime holds genuine animus for Israel, and, by extension, Netanyahu personally.  I don’t have any doubt about that, and I think he frustrates them because he doesn’t kowtow to their demands.  He stands up for his nation and he refuses to bow to political correctness or the conventional wisdom or the zeitgeist of the day.  And he always does what he thinks is right for his country, for his nation. 

I guarantee you they’re all flabbergasted about the allied status that exists right now between the United States and Israel.  And so this lone Regime official has voiced what probably is the opinion of a lot of people in the Regime.  And it isn’t working.  It didn’t fly because the one thing — I mean, you might disagree with Netanyahu on political matters or the peace process or whatever, but one thing everybody knows about Netanyahu is he is not a coward.  He’s not afraid of anybody, and especially he’s not afraid of Obama.  

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