RUSH: Mozilla Is Gonna Have To Demand That The Pope Resign

RUSH: Did you see what the pope said? Mozilla is gonna have to demand that the pope resign, because the pope… Where is this?

I put it near the top of the Stack and then other things came in and got in the way of it, and it didn’t stay at the top of the Stack. But I, nevertheless, found it. “Although the national gay magazine The Advocate named Pope Francis its ‘Person of the Year’ in December 2013…” Make no mistake about it: That was only because of me. The only reason that the Drive-By Media glommed on to the pope is because me.

They hate the Catholic Church in the Drive-By Media. They hate it on the left. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not just throwing a word around. They literally despise the Catholic Church, and they despise anybody in it. They despise the priests, the monsignors, and they despise the pope. But they had a problem. When the pope came out and uttered in his encyclical economic philosophy that echoed the strains of Marxism, I said so.

They loved that, so they glommed onto to the pope ’cause they love the pope ’cause the pope, they thought, made me mad.  That’s why they loved the pope because they thought the pope made me mad, and anybody that made me mad ain’t all bad. And then they thought, “Hell, if the pope is gonna go all Marx on the economy, maybe the pope will go pro-choice, and then maybe the pope will go pro gay marriage!”

So they had a lot of hope and thought, “Maybe this guy is the kind of guy that would come along and actually dump the church and reform it with the left’s agenda.” Well, the pope has quickly let them know that that’s not gonna happen. So now they’re not happy with the pope. The reason they loved him has kind of worn off, and that is me.

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