RUSH: Most Massive One Day Assaults On Voter Suppression That We’ve Ever Seen

RUSH:  As of now, whatever number of Republican votes there are in the Senate mean nothing.  In a sense, this is one of the most massive one-day assaults on voter suppression that we’ve ever seen.  There are 45 Republican Senators, they were elected by millions of Americans, and they may as well not even be there.  The votes of 45 Republicans in the Senate mean nothing now.  Zilch, zero, nada. 

How is the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell dealing with this?  Well, I just have a story here at  Senator McConnell was participating in a Karl Rove American Crossroads event or some such thing in which Senator McConnell says that it’s the Tea Party who are the bullies, and how do you deal with bullies?  You punch ’em in the nose, and he cited Ted Cruz and Mike Lee as two names epitomizing the Tea Party who are bullies.

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