RUSH: Michelle Obama Found Comfort From The Struggle At The ‘Third World Center’

RUSH: But here’s what Michelle said.  She’s from Chicago.  She has come from an affluent family. Her father worked for the Chicago Water Department. Her father had a patronage job, Mayor Daley.  Her father was a precinct captain for Mayor Daley.  They were not hurting.  There was no economic strife in the Michelle Robinson house, and here she is talking about how out of place that she felt.  She was talking about the struggle and the frustration of being a minority.

“A first-generation college student,” she talked about herself. 

What is that, by the way? What is a first-generation…? (interruption) Is that just a…? (interruption) Okay, that’s what that is?  The first kid in your family to go to college?  That’s what first-generation…? (interruption) Right.  The first generation. You’re maybe not necessarily the first person, but the first generation of the family, like her brother and her. She was the first generation, so her brother was the first of their family’s generations to go to college?  (interruption) Right, because she was a “first-generation college student,” struggling and frustrated at Princeton. 

Here’s what she said about it…

MICHELLE:  I was a little overwhelmed and a little isolated.  But then I had an opportunity to participate in a three-week, on-campus orientation program that helped me get a feel for the rhythm of college life — and once school started, I discovered the Campus Cultural Center, the Third World Center, where I found students and staff who came from families and communities that were similar to my own.

RUSH:  Third World Center?  That’s where she found comfort from the struggle and the frustration?  The Third World Center?  Her father worked for the Chicago Water Department.  They’re from Chicago, not Ken…

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