RUSH: Monica Lewinsky Stole ‘Bill Clinton’d All Over My Gown’ Line Off Me

RUSH:  All right.  So we made that point.  And so yesterday on the syndicated entertainment show, Access Hollywood Live, cohost Kit Hoover and cohost Billy Bush talked about Lewinsky’s article in Vanity Fair.

HOOVER:  She’s such a good writer, Monica Lewinsky, in this article, by the way. She goes on to correct one of Beyonce’s lyrics to her song, Partition. In the song Beyonce says “He Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown,” to which Monica responds, quote, “Thanks, Beyonce, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky’d’.”  That’s clever. That’s funny. Even the same way she talked about Hillary in there. She has a great sense of humor.  I mean, that’s great.

BUSH:  A small but important fact, do we agree on that?  All right.

HOOVER:  (laughing) Nice to clear up.

RUSH:  What a bunch of wizards we have there, don’t we, over at Access Hollywood Live?  Man, where would we be, where would our culture be without them to shine the light of truth on all this?  But did you hear this?  (imitating Hoover) “Oh, Monica, wow, she’s such a good writer.”  You see what’s going on here?  She’s such a good writer.  I mean, if I wanted to, I’d say Monica stole it from me.  But I wouldn’t.  I don’t want to even think that’s — but it did, I mean, who was the first to point it out publicly?  It was I, your beloved host, El Rushbo.

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Rush Corrects Beyonce: It’s ‘He Bill Clinton’d All Over My Gown’

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