RUSH: Modern Era Feminism Has Been A ‘POISON’

RUSH: Modern-era feminism has been a poison in many ways.  You look at The Vagina Monologues, renowned Broadway play, and it’s all rooted in the predatory, brutish potential of men. And remember the fake survey that the media trumpeted and everybody believed for a short period of time, that Super Bowl Sunday saw the most violence against women of any day of the year.  And that’s when men are doing what?  Sitting there getting drunk, eating snacks, drinking beer, watching the now brutal game of football and, when things didn’t go right, taking it out on their long-suffering, poor victim wives.  And it turned out to be a totally bogus survey, just totally made up, by a group of people with connections to some feminist fundraising outfit. 

And so the chickification of the culture, there’s no question it’s happening.  In fact, I read — I don’t know how much of this is true, there’s so much out there — I read that one of the reasons that Pinch Sulzberger got rid of Jill Abramson was that she was hiring women in every key editor, managerial position she could.  She was slowly but surely getting rid of all the men in the department.  I can’t remember where I read that.  (interruption)  Right, right, it was the New York Times, that’s exactly right, that’s where it was.

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