Rush Mocks Gov. Cuomo: “New Yorkers Are Great At Recognizing Guys With Bombs Around Their Waists”

RUSH: I want you to hear Governor “Cooomo” (as pronounced by the Reverend Jackson) and Mayor de Blasio today following the terrorist attack in New York. Sound bites 3 and 4. Here’s Cuomo…

CUOMO: This is New York, and we all pitch together, and we are a savvy people, and we keep our eyes open, and that’s what, “See something, say something” is all about.

RUSH: Right. Okay. (impression) “See something, say something! New Yorkers are great at recognizing guys with bombs around their waists. New Yorkers are very savvy! It’s like they see the Statue of Liberty, and they know that it stands for freedom. You see it; you say it.”


RUSH: And back to de Blasio and Governor Cuomo here.

“When you see something, say something.” What was there to see here? The guy had the bomb hidden under the jacket, right? What was there to see? (interruption) Well, yeah, he was on the ground and in pain after it blew up on him. But, I mean, what else was there to see? A Muslim-looking guy with a beard? What was there to see? So if you’re a New Yorker and you see a Muslim guy with a beard near Times Square, you call the fuzz? They’re gonna run you in for profiling! Racial bigotry and hatred. (snorts) I don’t know. I just… It’s liberals.


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