RUSH: Millennials, Think Of Health Care Insurance Like Getting Rid Of The Bloat In Your Cable Bill

RUSH: So you Millennials, let me run an analogy by you. You all hate cable TV. I know this. You hate cable TV. What if you could choose the channels you want from cable companies and those choices dramatically cut your monthly bill, you get the networks you watch, only what you watch, would you call that cheap, stripped down, and bare bones?

You would, and you would love it. You would love it if you could get rid of the bloat in your cable bill and all these other things. Millennials, try thinking of health care the same way. Why do you have to buy insurance for things you’re never gonna watch? Why do you have to buy insurance for things you never want to tune into or that you’re never gonna have? We’re gonna get ’em on this, folks. I have figured out how we’re gonna do it. First step right here.


RUSH: So Senator Cruz has proposed an amendment that is described as cheap, stripped down, and bare bones.

What he means by this is — and my analogy for you Millennials is to cable TV. You despise it. I know you do. I read about how much you hate cable TV. Do you know that of the three supposedly most hated companies in the world, two of them are cable companies? I’m not gonna mention them ’cause I don’t hate them. But Millennials do, because to them entertainment should be free. TV should be free. Music, streaming, free! “Why should we have to pay to watch Game of Thrones? Why should we have to pay to watch Judge Judy or whatever?”

So what Millennials want when it comes to TV, they want cheap, they want stripped down, and they want bare bones! They want to be able to watch what they want to watch. They don’t want to have to pay for things that they’re never going to watch. They don’t want to have to even be presented with the option to watch something they don’t want to watch just so they have to pay for it. So I think you Millennials ought to look at the Cruz amendment and the overall objective health care the same way.

The insurance coverage of specific conditions and situations equals you only paying for what you want to watch. The quality is the same. It’s just you don’t have to buy the things you don’t want. Coverage choices are fewer in number. Men, for example, will not have to buy quality maternity care. They do have to do that now, under the Obama health benefits, the mandates in Title I. All kinds of people have to buy all kinds of health insurance that they will never, ever use — and in some cases would be impossible to use.

They have to do it so that their money covers the costs for people who can’t pay. But why should you have to watch…? Why should you have to pay for 250 channels when you watch five, in order to subsidize other people who can’t afford to buy any? You wouldn’t do it when it comes to cable TV. Health care is the exact same way. See how this works? Think of the Cruz… You Millennials, think of the Cruz amendment as cord cutting. You won’t be forced by the government to buy the full cable package.

You don’t have to buy anything or you can buy everything. Whatever you want, you can buy, with nobody telling you that you have to. That’s all Cruz is proposing. What Cruz needs to do is somehow find a way to add the word “sustainable” in his pitch, and he would cross a bridge and be in Millennial land. “Sustainable” is one of the big magic words for Millennials. “Sustainable,” “sustainability.” It’s particularly important climate change, which is another ruse that they’re falling for. So I wanted to finish my thought.


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