RUSH: Militant Islam Is A ‘Militant Extremist Political Ideology’

RUSH:  CNN right now has a discussion topic going, “What is it that drives people to Islamic extremism?”  If you don’t understand ideology, you’re never going to be able to answer that question.  Militant Islam is a political ideology.  It is an extremist ideology.  It is not a religious movement.  They have conned everybody into believing they’re a religious movement so they have freedom to say and do whatever they want to do and be immune from criticism. 

It is a militant extremist political ideology, militant Islam, the ISIS guys.  But if you don’t see the world as ideological, if you don’t see liberalism as ideological, “No, liberalism is just what’s natural and good and decent.  Conservatism and the Tea Party, now, that’s dangerous, that’s dangerous.”  But they can’t figure out what would drive, why do these American guys, like this Douglas McArthur McCain guy, why do they want to join ISIS?  The answer is ideology.  It’s right there if you just have the courage to face it and admit it.  None of this is hard to understand.  It’s hard to admit, maybe.  But understanding it is not hard. 

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