RUSH: Mike Flynn Has Become The Repository Of Everything That Doesn’t ‘LOOK GOOD’

RUSH: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, Michael Flynn, General Flynn, who has become the kicking football, the scapegoat, the what-have-you.

Mike Flynn has become the repository of everything that “doesn’t look good” in the Trump administration. Whatever doesn’t look good, point to Michael Flynn. So Flynn has piped up and said, “Hey, grant me immunity, and I’ll tell you anything I know,” and what is the immediate reaction when you…? I ran it by Snerdley just to do a little test here. I said, “Are you bothered that Flynn is asking for immunity? “Damn right I am!” “Why?” “What are they hiding? I want to know what they’re hiding.” “Wait a minute, now. Flynn’s supposed to be on your team.”

“I don’t care! What’s he hiding? It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look…” (laughing) Flynn asking for immunity, “It doesn’t look good.”


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