RUSH: Michelle Obama Snubs ‘HOT’ First Lady Of The ChiComs

RUSH: By the way, Michelle is snubbing the first lady of the ChiComs. There apparently is a two-day summit this weekend in California between Obama and Xi Jinping, whatever the new Chinese communist premiere. Apparently this guy’s wife, the ChiCom leader’s wife, is hot, she’s hot. I’m looking for the word, what would be the Washington diplomatic way of describing her hotness. She’s hot. I mean, they’ve got publicity photos of this babe as though she were a model or something. And she’s coming with her husband, Xi Jinping, because they’re hoping that the publicity that would be surrounding her and her hotness would change world opinion of ChiCom leadership.

But Michelle isn’t going.  Michelle’s gonna stay in Washington because her daughters are ending their academic year.  The story does not say that there are graduation ceremonies or any of that, just that Michelle’s daughters are ending their academic year and Michelle’s not going, and therefore the ChiComs are considering it a snub because it will limit the visibility of the ChiCom first lady.  The ChiCom first lady just can’t go out and run around on her own.  She’s gotta have Michelle with her, I guess, according to protocol.

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