RUSH: Michelle Obama Permits Blacks To Eat Fried Chicken If They Vote Democrat, No Matter What

RUSH: Mrs. Obama. Mrs. Barack Hussein O, the lovely Moochelle (My Belle) Obama has picked up on that theme of vote for a Democrat today or else.  She was on a syndicated radio show that nobody hears, which is why we’re gonna play you the sound bite, called NewsOne Now.  The host of Roland Martin, the cherubic round faced former CNN host.  During the interview Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Barack Hussein O, first lady of the United States, had this to say about the election today.

MICHELLE:  That’s my message to voters.  This isn’t about Barack.  It’s not about the person on the ballot.  It’s about you.  And for most of the people that we’re talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on regardless of who said what or did this.  That shouldn’t even come into the equation.

RUSH:  Blacks should always vote Democrat no matter what, no matter who. It doesn’t matter anything else. Blacks should vote Democrat.  Well, that’s what she means when she says to Roland Martin, “And for most of the people that we’re talking to…” I mean, it’s a presumed African-American audience there.  So the first lady says, “Hey,” to black people.

“Vote Democrat! Vote Democrat or don’t vote.  You have no business.  It doesn’t matter who’s on the ballot.  It doesn’t matter who’s on the ballot or what they are saying. It doesn’t matter what the issues are. You need to vote Democrat.” But then Mrs. Obama went on and promised African-Americans that she would permit them a treat if they did the right thing today and showed up and voted Democrat.

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