RUSH: Miami Dolphins Have Bigger Fine For ‘Stinky Farts’ Than FBI Arrest

RUSH: In the Miami Dolphins locker room the players have a fine book. The players fine themselves for committing transgressions, and being arrested or investigated by the FBI will get you fined less than if you let go a stinky fart. I kid you not. Or maybe it’s the same. I kid you not. (laughing) So the NFL’s gonna be tackling this. I can’t wait to see it, actually. (laughing) I’m not making it up. And the media said that stinky fart fine’s gonna survive. That’s the kind of stuff that’ll survive, and rookies having to sing their alma mater fight song for veterans. That’ll survive, but this harassing of other players, that’s gonna go, it’s gonna go, it can’t survive, it will not be permitted. Stinky fart fines, however, they’re gonna remain. (laughing) Can you imagine in any other workplace, (laughing) Goldman Sachs having an employee fine book with something like that in it? He-he-he-he-he.

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