RUSH: Media Trying To DESTROY Trump Jr. Before He Gets Started On His Own Political Career

RUSH: One thing on Donald Trump Jr. we had the caller say that Trump kids are good-looking and leftists don’t like that — and that’s certainly true. But you note the energy with which the media is going after Donald Trump Jr. And there’s a reason. They want to dirty him up. They want to destroy the guy before he gets started on his own political career. He has an obvious interest in politics. I don’t know if you’ve heard this guy speak.

Folks, he is what his dad isn’t in that he is an ideological conservative — and if you’ve heard him speak, he’s got it down. He knows his stuff — and he can sell it and he can be persuasive with it — and he is the exact kind of conservative they want to destroy before he gets started, especially given that they don’t have a bench of their own. That is an added reason for all this energy in destroying Donald Trump Jr. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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